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MARIKINA CITY – On May 21, 2015, the Marikina River Basin Master Plan was endorsed by the Local Development Council of Marikina City chaired by City Administrator Hon. Melvin Cruz.
One of the concerns from the local officials of the City and concerned non-government organizations is about the creation of Marikina River Basin Organization (RBO). Only one agency should implement the master plan and it was suggested that it can be any of the three governing bodies (LLDA, Alliance of 7 or PAMB) to have an authority over the Marikina River Basin. Another statement is to have coordination with the local government units (LGUs). All NGA’s projects should be harmonized and well-communicated to the local/barangay level.

Dr. Domingo Bravo, Chief and Over-All Program Coordinator of PPCO-DENR IVA who presented the Marikina River Basin Master Plan considered the suggestions raised by the council. He informed that after the endorsement from the RDC IVA, the creation of the Marikina River Basin Organization will be one of its next steps

The master plan will serve as a guide for proper management and development of Marikina River Basin as clarified by RBCO, Executive Dir. Jacob Meimban, Jr. He encouraged all officials to include their proposed or existing projects for Marikina City to be included in the MRBMP.