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The River Basin Control Office conducted the annual Year-End Assessment Workshop on December 4-7, 2018 at Sequoia Hotel, Quezon City. Regional River Basin Focal Persons, FMS Budget Division staff and Planning Division staff participated in the 4-day assessment workshop which aims to assess the implementation status of 2018 planned activities and set a clearer direction for upcoming CY 2019. At the end of the workshop, it is expected to have a 2018 Year-End Accomplishment Reports and CY 2019 Budget per Region and River Basin as outputs.

Executive Director Antonio M. Daño welcomed the participants and emphasized the recent 4th International River Summit which opens the opportunity to closely work with the Local Government Units (LGUs) as LGUs play a big role regarding the management of the river basins. Director Daño also mentioned the recent EAS Congress that discussed various topics that could help them people to be more capable as River Basin Focal persons.

At the outset of the activity, RBCO Projects Operations Control Officer Iris Lamboon discussed the workshop rationale and objectives as well as the RBCO 2018 Annual Accomplishment. Focal persons or representatives per region and river basin then presented their 2018 Annual Accomplishments followed by an open forum every after a presentation for discussions and clarifications. Updates on the Formulation of the Climate Responsive IRBMD Master Plan for the 8 Clustered River Basins and RBIIMS updates from the previous workshop were also presented.

A planning workshop for the CY 2019 Work and Financial Plan per region and per river basins was then held followed by the consolidation of outputs,presentation of outputs was followed by an open forum for and raising of concerns from the regional focal persons. Some of the agreements made 1.) RBCO to identify the training needs of the regions; 2.) RBCO to communicate with the regions regarding the workshop on database; and 3.) Discussion of House Bills regarding the information of River Basin Organizations. The 4-day workshop ended with RBCO Executive Director Antonio M. Daño’s closing remarks emphasizing on the integration of different units of DENR and to see the contribution of the office in terms of spatial data, policy development in the formulation of DAO for Cagayan River Basin in 2019.